Tattoos in the workplace

core values culture team Sep 19, 2019

Tattoos in the workplace 

I want to challenge your thoughts and perceptions of tattoos in the workplace. 
Legally employers are free to implement their own rules on the displaying of tattoos in the workplace. There is no law which prohibits you from asking workers to cover up tattoos, or even to impose a blanket ban on them throughout your organisation, unless it is proven the tattoos are for religious purposes.
However, before making an ultimate decision, employers should consider the detrimental effect it may have on workplace morale.
Asking an employee to cover up could result in resistance and ultimately loosing really good team members. 
Asking them to cover up who they are, a part of themselves is detrimental to their mindset and ultimately loss of respect for the employer. 
I remember back to the days when I was employed I worked for a large telecommunications company and was customer...
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Swamp Donkey

marketing relationships Jul 30, 2019

We have all kissed a lot of frogs, I’ve kissed more swamp donkeys than I have frogs let me tell you. 

You know the ones who are slimy, sneaky and just vile? The ones who look amazing, sound amazing and suck the damn life out of you? Yup.... I used to attract them. 

The world is full of them. We meet them in all areas of life. When we’re building personal relationships and in business relationships. 

Now in personal relationships when we kiss a swamp donkey, we feel miffed, let down and upset that we fell for the trap BUT we dust ourselves off and we carry on to find our prince (or princess) charming, we build our personal boundaries and learn from this experience. 

Generally, in business, we go networking, build a couple of loose relationships, the relationships often don’t hold the respect or trust and they turn out to be a swamp donkey.

Are you just attracting the swamp donkeys? 

I hear weekly, if not daily people complaining that they...

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Will you marry me?

being jenn sales Jul 30, 2019

I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry me? 

I’m amazing and have so much to offer right? 

Hmm slightly pig headed to think that as I am clearly slightly biased! 

The thing is, I’m not everyone’s taste, some don’t like the way I look, the way I dress or the way I speak. 

So why would I expect someone to marry me before a first date? 

I wouldn’t! 

I once got proposed to on a second date and that scared the shit out of me enough to cry and hit the block button!!

Let’s look at this a little deeper, in life, when looking for someone to invest our time into, we take our time, do nice things, ‘good morning beautiful’ texts (I don’t get these by the way, I get ‘battery fully charged, please remove charger’ ) 

We call them, let them know we’re thinking of them, that we care for them, try and help them with challenges that they have and we spend our time getting to know this person...

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Are you keeping the best kept secret?

blog Jun 19, 2019

I think that YOU have the biggest secret ever! No joke, this is a game changer and sooooo simple. I wanted to share with you something that I think will make you stop and think about your business marketing!

Let me share with you a short story to explain....

On an ordinary Sunday afternoon, Steve went to visit his mother Dawn. When he arrived, Dawn was in the Kitchen, on the telephone and was visibly upset, she hung up the phone and burst into tears!

Steve asked his mum what was wrong, he thought something terrible had happened. Dawn said that her friends son had started his own business over a year ago as a builder and he was struggling. He had no clients coming in, no money, no way to pay his bills and he had a young family and they were at risk of loosing their home.

Steve stood in silence for a moment just astounded. He asked mum, 'Why didn't you tell me earlier, I could have helped him?'

Dawn replied with, 'How could you help him?..... What do you even do?'


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Poking a multi millionaire in the eye, kicking a director & rugby tackling a fellow delegate

being jenn influencing Jun 12, 2019

How to win friends and influence them, The Hardman way. 

Have you ever been to a huge leadership conference with an immense amount of people, all buzzing with excitement, the noise of all the hustle and bustle.... 

Your one person in a room full of influencers and leaders, wondering how to find you're way. 

Should you even be there with such great people, how do you even fit in amongst such passionate, successful people? 

You question yourself, How do I make such an impact on the right people to ensure that these incredible leaders of today have the time to talk to me? 

This was the dilemma I found myself in last Thursday at the BNI UK & Ireland leadership conference. 

WOW! Overwhelming passion filled the room and I’m not afraid to say I felt a little lost. I wanted to speak to so many great people and hear their stories and gain valuable knowledge from them although they had crowds of people around them. What benefit would they have by...

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