Stop winging it! 

Discover practical knowledge and skills of how to build a profitable business that will create a positive lifestyle for you and your family.

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Does this sound like you?

Business feels a lonely place and sometimes struggle to stay motivated

Actively trying to grow your business but are left feeling frustrated

Working too many hours and not having time for you or your family

Have cash flow problems that are stopping you from growing

Spending time and money on marketing that’s not generating leads

Not making enough profit and don’t have the lifestyle you want

Making profit on some products / services and losing on others

Can’t find trustworthy and reliable members of staff

Struggling to meet the right contacts who can open new doors

Stop making mistakes and winging it!

Meet each month for an intensive group coaching day. During this session you will learn about and work on one of the 6 fundamental key areas of business that are set out in our coaching programme.


Throughout each session, Jenny Hardman teach you exactly what you need to do and implement in your business to improve and grow in that particular area. Each month you are given specific plans to complete which you then have one month to implement what you have learned into your business.

Implementation is key!

Holding you accountable is key to you achieving big results and growing your business. You will receive a 1-2-1 zoom accountability sessions throughout the month with Jenny Hardman and this is your time to ask for specific help or support. 


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"Thanks to you and the introductions you made to the lovely people in your network I made connections that have helped me secure a place at 3 wedding fairs in February!"

"I've find the Facebook page so helpful. I've posted 2 'help' posts and people have immediately been able to help and fix my business problems"

"I was completely overwhelmed with how welcoming everyone was after joining and the people who reached out to me were really helpful"

"What this group is achieving is truly phenomenal. The level of support, the opportunities to meet other business people and the friendly, open, non-corporate approach makes this group genuinely inspirational"

About You

This is all about you. Where are you now. Where do you want to be. What do you need to get where you want to be. How do you get there. 

Goal and Planning

We’re going to start the process with a BIG kick-ass goal that you want to achieve. Once your goal is set it’s time to ‘get your plan on’. We’ll work out, together, the steps you’ll need to take to hit that goal and create a day-by-day plan to get you there.

Branding & Messaging

Branding and brand values. This is not about colours and logos. This is your messaging and how to hook your target clients with your messages and language used in any media. 

Products & Services

Is there a need for your product/service? 

What pain are you easing. Your product definitions, your value proposition and defining your products and services into saleable goods. 

Ideal Clients

Researching your ideal clients will open your eyes to new possibilities. Looking at who your clients currently are, who you would like your ideal clients to be and potential competitors to ensure your branding is on point. 

Delivery Methods

How are you delivering your product/service? In person, online? A combination of both. There is a minefield of information on social media, website, SEO and email marketing so we will look at which way can work for you and how to implement. 

Social Meida

There will be some comfort zone pushing and some ‘firsts’ for most people. Social media is a wonderful tool if used effectively although which ones would be best for you and then how to you use them to your advantage.

Networking Effectively

Do you shudder at the thought of networking and speaking to people that you don't know? Fear not! We will collate all the work we have done so far and work on your presentations, how to act in a networking environment, different types of networking and which one might be better suited for you. 

Your People

Looking at those around you who will support you in your journey. Who has your potential clients in their back pockets? I will show you how to win a business relationships with some powerful relationship building activities. (No this is not role play)  

Customer Journey

You have a great product/service now although where are your touch points? How do you keep them engaged and begging for more? We look at how you communicate and the points at where you follow up, support your customers and go above and beyond so that they never go anywhere else.


If you are looking to scale your business, you cannot do it alone. You need systems in place to effectively manage processes within your business. This frees up your time when using automated services for some of the simple tasks.

Marketing Plan

Pulling everything together from your website, social media and networking into a structured plan so you gain results. No more of the scatter gun approach where you gain small, un-measurable results. 


To avoid disappointment, register now for our next enrolment launching in October 2019


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