Swamp Donkey

marketing relationships Jul 30, 2019

We have all kissed a lot of frogs, I’ve kissed more swamp donkeys than I have frogs let me tell you. 

You know the ones who are slimy, sneaky and just vile? The ones who look amazing, sound amazing and suck the damn life out of you? Yup.... I used to attract them. 

The world is full of them. We meet them in all areas of life. When we’re building personal relationships and in business relationships. 

Now in personal relationships when we kiss a swamp donkey, we feel miffed, let down and upset that we fell for the trap BUT we dust ourselves off and we carry on to find our prince (or princess) charming, we build our personal boundaries and learn from this experience. 

Generally, in business, we go networking, build a couple of loose relationships, the relationships often don’t hold the respect or trust and they turn out to be a swamp donkey.

Are you just attracting the swamp donkeys? 

I hear weekly, if not daily people complaining that they have tried to work with others although it never turns profitable and no-one wants to help them. Really? Or is that just your perception?

When you’re looking for clients, you ideally have a target client profile. What they look like, who they are, what they like, what their challenge is etc 

Do you have a partner profile?  These are the single most important relationships within your business but generally, we meet people, they seem nice and pin all our hopes onto them and IF they let us down then oh my gosh! That’s it! I give up. I’m never working with anyone again. 

A strategic partner within your business environment can be gold dust for you. Just imagine, someone who serves the same client base as you although offers a different product or service. If you could work that relationship to be a mutual benefit, you will be able to move mountains together.

Yes you will find swamp donkeys but your ideal partner is out there. Why do we have such different perceptions on personal/business relationships? In a personal relationship, we give in the hope that our efforts will be reciprocated. The trick here is, you have to start! Someone has to so why not let it be you? 

In business relationships we expect it all, right now and all our own way. Nooooooo! 

If you’re looking for a strategic partner, someone who has your target clients in their back pocket, who can send a consistent flow of good quality clients your way, without you even looking for them, why oh why oh why are you not investing your time and efforts into finding these people? 

This marketing method is FREE! It's simple ..... I never said it was easy but it is simple.

Yes, swamp donkeys exist, they are everywhere, lurking at networking groups and online. I can’t get rid of them or make they become extinct because I’m not a wizard. 

What I can do is educate you on how to find the right partners and how to develop the relationship to a depth that you both gain consistent referrals and profits in an enjoyable way without kissing to many more swamp donkeys. 

Change your perception. Look at things longer term and not for the quick wins. 

If you are looking for a 'get rich quick scheme' I simply cannot help you.

If you are looking for a long term growth plan where you can reap the rewards of simple time and effort you input now, then we need to have a coffee.

Have a great day and be careful who you kiss today ;)


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