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"Jenny's passion for helping others grow is infectious! It was effortless. She just feed's you with knowledge that you take away and implement. Before you know it you’re not the newbie in business anymore!"

Amanda Crossley
Concierge Ninja

"A most amazing woman. Jenny helps you to remember to concentrate on what you want for your future rather than continuing to allow your past to hold you back. Jenny is a straight talker, she gets to the point and isn't afraid to deal with the difficult areas that are really holding you back rather than poking about at the fluff you use in your veil of excuses. As well as having the right attitude Jenny also knows her stuff and is a woman to watch for the future!"

Alys Stuart
Together We Balance

"Jenny is amazing at what she does, she manages to extract information from you to get you to change how you view your business. Her approach to training is refreshing and everyone who attends her courses only have positive things to say. She takes the time to listen and understand what it is you want to achieve and helps you to make it tangible. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking to grow their business but it just doesn't seem to be happening. She will review what is going on and work with you to put you on the right track."

Julie Hutson
Key Accounting Solutions

I am a business owner

Your a director or business owner who needs some support. This will enable us to have dedicated time with you to work with you on your business supporting you to find solutions for your challenges. 

I manage a team

You work with a diverse team that need some direction, training or support? Delivering in house training and ongoing support to gain the results you strive for. 

"It was very easy to get involved, my one 2 one’s with Jenny are very useful on identifying my target clients. I have to be honest and say that without the guidance of Jenny, I may have given up because it’s extremely overwhelming. It’s great to know that I have the support as and when I need it which means a lot."

Michelle Partington
Mentis Training and Consultancy



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